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ITL tries to get the best referees in the Taekwon-Do scene and here the TOP referees at the ITL GALA will be displayed.

18 January 2018 Open Valkenswaardse

Head Umpire; Ron Dijkhuizen

10 december 2017 ITL GALA

Head Umpire: Harry van Schaik

26 november 2017 Open Haaglanden

Head Umpire: Ron Dijkhuizen

22 October 2017 Flanders Field

foto van International Taekwon-Do League.

Head Umpire: Dana Stokhof and Pascal Raeijmaekers

25 June 2017 Brotherhood Tournament

Head Umpire: Ron Dijkhuizen

23 April 2017 1st Friendship International Taekwon-Do Tournament

Head Umpire: Colin Bakker

22 January 2017 Open Valkenswaardse referee

Head Umpire: Ron Dijkhuizen

Referee list see: http://www.itl-league.com/open-valkenswaardse/